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The Beautiful Company: Low Cost Wedding Rings Specialists. Wedding Jewellery for men and women in gold, platinum and palladium with a money back guarantee and free delivery.

A customer angrily mentioned, "My partner and I bought rings from this The Beautiful Company, which within 2 weeks were showing signs of deep scratching and some roughness to both of them. We sent them back, and they admitted that they had not seen this sort of wear before and found it strange, but refused to accept this was due to a manufacturing default, and thus would not exchange/refund the rings.

Not only that, my partner's ring was sent half a size too small. We only found out by taking it to a local jeweller who confrimed that it was a size smaller than we ordered. We had no time to return it so we had the local jeweller stretch it for us.

The responses to our emails were one sentence answers. And don't get me started on her spelling and grammar - it is absolutely atrocious.

Awful, Awful, Awful company! I am really shocked that there have been so many good reviews.

I am now stuck with crappy, scratched, rough, dented rings. We'll have to go buy new ones because these are awful. We both work in office jobs so it's not as if our hands are subjected to manual labour of any sort."


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Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Beautiful Destinations full-time for more than a year Cons: CEO is a total psych. Firing people all the time, no structure. Just cares about his own image. If someone is better than him he fires the person. Even his brother is afraid of him. Worst company ever!! No one wants him there. He lies to clients and staff. Only cares about his fake own image."

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at Beautiful Destinations full-time for more than a year Cons: So much potential but an incredibly toxic, fear-based work culture. People get fired every few weeks with no reason or notice. This is a company that has no intention of establishing strong relationships or career growth or opportunities. They change their minds and direction every few weeks and make drastic changes that should take a few months to implement. People are over-worked and under-appreciated. Run by a bunch of egos, and insecure adult-children. What is on social media is a facade for the power and money-hungry people who sit at the top and are far removed from what those in the weeds are grinding on 10-15 hours a day."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Beautiful Destinations full-time Cons: CEO & FOUNDER CEO & FOUNDER CEO & FOUNDER A CEO who does not deliver on promises, who only cares about his content creators and himself, who is ego-driven and who is constantly on vacation (everyone wishes he would stay on vacation!) who changes the direction of the company (and the people who are in it!) what feels like daily People at all levels are scared to come to work every day — with frequent announcements of same day firings and weak attempts at “re orgs” Avoid this place at all costs!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Beautiful Destinations full-time Cons: Everyone is overworked, underpaid. I could never do enough. The creators think they have the perfect job so put up with being mistreated; people are constantly being fired and the culture is one of either fear or gossiping. It's all about making money and building this "brand," but they do put on a good face when it comes to pretending it's about something more. (Jeremy once said he wanted to make BD a billion dollar company?) There's no concrete direction and things are internally shifting within the company constantly, leaving very little stability."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Beautiful Destinations full-time for more than a year Cons: BD has so much opportunity, but unfortunately never capitalizes on it. They have always attracted very strong talent, but did not provide proper career growth opportunity for their employees. It's a very stagnant place to work, so if you're looking to keep your career where it is for a few years, definitely think of working here. There is a HUGE pay disparity between the leadership team and the mid-level employees. They like their work cheap and fast, but like to keep their leadership team nice and well fed."


"I worked at Beautiful Destinations Cons: Startup issues. Constant restructuring and firings. Far behind other agencies and production companies. Lots of burnout on creatives. Office is a shared co-working space. uncomfortable with little enthusiasm among team members. Executives are constantly being fired or leaving. If you can push through the difficulties for a few more years the company has a bright future."

Regis Salon (Former Employee) says

"Closed Salon no warning layed off district manager down to stylist Just shut salon down didn’t give us time to let our client know nor did they let us get information to let clients know where we going Worst worst company ever Never sent products"

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Was working for this company for over 20 years when it was master cuts (Regis) then this company took it over. Without warning I came into work and was told to go home, and that the salon was closing down. This without any notice. I will be contacting a lawyer."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The beautiful group Completely closed the doors without even 24 hours notice. Didn’t value or respect their employees and failed as a company! Very unprofessional!"

Senior District Leader (Former Employee) says

"They purchased Regis Salons with no previous salon experience. They only owned magazines . They sere terrible at staffing and drove the company into bankruptcy Cons: Many . Understaffed . Underfunded ."

Hairstylist (Current Employee) says

"Run as fast as you can."

Hair Stylist (Current Employee) says

"They don’t take care of anything. All equipments are very old and dirty. The air vents look like covered with mold and dust. They paid 5hours short on my paycheck in August. My manager tried to fix it. But they told us I’m paid. I have all paperwork for prove that they didn’t. Yes this company us trash. Stay a way. Cons: Everything"

Manager Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 7years.These salons hire anybody if your straight out of beauty school they will hire you.The store i was at gave alot of discounts and free services.Im glad i moved on for the best im not stressed no more.This job was very stressfull.I needed something better to grow my business"

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"TBG worse company ever. No respect for the stylist, managers or district managers. No training for upper management, just thrown out to sink or swim. Upper management will lie to your face about lease end dates of salons, extended leases on salons, shipment ( if you get any at all) . Really poor payplan for the stylist that is doing all the work. DM’s are overworked with many having 20 plus salons to manage. NO ongoing education for stylist. TBG increases prices on services with out any regard on how it will effect the customer. Asset Protection chasing down $2.00 discounts down on stylist tickets, but can’t pay the rent in major malls and are getting eviction notices for lack of rent payments. Embarrassment to the cosmetology industry. Run as fast as you can away from this joke of a company Cons: No education for stylist, no products to sell or use on clients"

Stylist (Current Employee) says

"They used to pay commission if you hit your goal each pay period. Now they average the whole month. If you miss it in one pay period then forget getting your commission pay the next check. Slow salon, too many stylists waiting to get clients. They think of any excuse not to pay you what they owe. Took 6 months to get any sign on bonus. Managers are liars."

Former District Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Regis/TBG for 10 years , I loved my job up until TBG took over . They took over and took away every reason we had to work there and gave back absolutely nothing . When we ask for a raise they said there was no money but brought in new people with no skills what so ever and paid them 20-25 thousand more than the long time employees on staff . They dis not allow us to have salons where we lived so that forced us to drive all over our state and surrounding states but then said we could only have overnight travel and expenses 2 nights a month ! This meant you would be driving 2,4,5 hours one way to work , work your min 8 hour shift and then drive the same amount of time back ! How is that for a quality of life . I left on my one accord giving a 30 day notice and they still figured out a way to not pay me my earned PTO ! I had benefits but none of them was company contributed I paid a great deal for my benefits out of my already below poverty salary and then I didn’t get paid the one thing they did owe me my PTO . I can say I’m glad I left when I did as they have recently let go over half of their employees! Cons: Everything"

SENIOR DISTRICT LEADER (Former Employee) says

"This new company is run by people who have no clue how to run salons!!!"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"The company doesnt know if its staying open or closing. The management is non existent and the negative energy is over the top!!!!!!! Worst experience in a salon IN MY LIFE!"

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company closing more than 700 salons in the first year! Lots of turnover, letting people go because of favoritism and upper management, they lost some really great leaders due to pettiness, no structure, no direction, a downward spiral into the hole, management in home Office has no clue what they are doing, they pay Stylist minimum wage and expect salon to be staffed when competitors are paying 2 times the about of the Beautiful group. I could go on and on best advice stay away!!"

Stylist (Current Employee) says

"Overall a TERRIBLE place to work. This company starts you at minimum wage with no hourly raise only commission raises which are impossible to get. I’ve worked for this company for almost a year (to long) and didn’t see a single raise or incentive to work up to a raise. Nor did I ever reach commission. Over the course of 7 months 5 people had quit one of them being the manager, we went 2 months without a manager and there was only 8 of us working there to begin with. And aside from being short staffed the company decided to CUT 10 hours each a week, with no explanation. Also expect to get paid “semi monthly” the company has no set days on when you get paid it’s “up to 5 business days after the 1st and up to 5 after the 15th” making it extremely hard to commission on a 15 day stretch and even harder to manage bills. Upon getting hired I was promised easy raises and a “$2,000 hire in bounds” that I never received and I was also promised education that I’ve never got. Also the company isn’t 100% owned by the beautiful group it is still partially owned by Regis Corp. Regis still sends the product for retail and back bar and they have decided overall to stop sending product. Our salon hasn’t Received a shipment sense January and it is now almost June. And the upper management forces the salon to be open 12 hours a day 6 days a week including Saturday so be prepared to work every single Saturday night. I could go on for days about why no one should work for this company. I am a relatively new stylist and there have been days where this company makes me not even want to continue Cons: Everything"

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Manager was very cruel to employees and customers. Agitation was a regular vibe every day. The girls were sweet but the manager made everyone uneasy. Customers want cheap cuts and due to the change in pricing for cuts some stopped coming in. Then the store was closed above us but was owned by the beautiful group so they let in more than five more cosmetologist to work alongside the group that was already in MasterCuts which is owned by the beautiful group so there was about 10 girls on a slow day everyone was very upset and the pay was ridiculous . Cons: Manager, pay was low, work holidays"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"I started working here four months out of beauty school, when I had my technical interview I informed the manager I wasn't extremely comfortable with men's cuts, it wasn't something I focused on in school. She told me that she'd work with me on it, to ask for help whenever I needed it. After working there for about two weeks, and asking for her help (and never receiving it) she pulled me into the office while I was in the middle of working on a client and chewed me out, saying I needed to stop asking for help and just do it. The next day she brings me in to talk to her and the district manager and tells me to ask for help when I need it and that she's happy to help me. She also told him that when I had my interview that I told her I was GREAT at men's cuts *insert eye roll* She showed so much favoritism. Management does not care about employees whatsoever. Just don't subject yourself to working for this company. Cons: Management, no breaks"

Senior Stylist (Former Employee) says

"I was a 13+ year employee if you will as our company which was also declining sold us off to the beautiful group without any warning... Within 1 year of being purchased 13 + employees quit and 10 left all within the same week!!! I have never worked for a company with such little regard for its employees and customers... it became such a bullying work environment from head office in California all the way down to some of the most toxic employees... Rasies were impossible to achieve as u get hired at 40% commission and raises are in 2% increments but are almost impossible to achieve and how do You live off 40% before taxes!!!!!???? Absolutely no repercussions for bad behaviour... 13 STYLISTS LEFT AT THE SAME TIME!!! That speaks volumes!! Quota quota quota is all they cared about not if a job was well done not if a client was happy but please make sure they buy something when they leave... Rasied the prices 3 times in a year with no notice and then made us sign a waiver ( and yes I have pictures and logged everything) stating that if we gave our clients a discount in anyway we would be fired.... This company is a black mark on the hairstyling industry and they should be ashamed of themselves! They have lost their best stylists and sales have declined tremendously after everyone left... with all the bad reviews it receives in my home town I’m surprised it’s still open.... shame shame shame Cons: Everything"

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Company doesn’t care about employees , this is 3rd party company buying hurting salons . Their goal is to try to recoup their losses. Very poor management in all areas. Will close a salon right under your nose! Go professional and stay away!"

Hair Stylist/Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is where to go to let your dreams die and be broke but still over worked , trash managers trash corporation run!!!!!!!!!!! They promise full time hours and end up working you only 4 hrs a day commission is caca the discount isn't worth it might as well just buy it full price . Its like in order to be a manager there you have to be unprofessional hate all your co workers honestly run! Checks wont be more than 400- 500 bucks if you're even lucky Cons: Everything run for your life"

Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible pay, terrible training, terrible management, people always quitting, and working alone a lot (having to do hair, answer phone, help guests buy retail, cleaning all by yourself) If your equipment is stolen the company will not reimburse you! I cut my losses and moved on! The Beautiful Group”Does NOT Care About The Employess) Cons: Everything"

Becky says

"I worked for this company and they are an absolute joke. Non existent interview, no criminal record checks before entering peoples homes. Slave labour. They make staff collect equipment from a lock up without pay. Staff turn over is ridiculous, and the customers hate strangers keep coming into their homes. You get a rota the day before your due in work (who does that) manager is always stressing because she can’t cope, such a bad business model. As a customer why would you want to use this company, knowing that the person cleaning your home could be anybody. Inconsistent and unprofessional"

Helen Robbins says

"Needed my recently deceased father’s house deep cleaned. Quoted £362 which seemed fair as a lot of work. My sister booked this and assumed that there would be at least 4 cleaners working for the day as it was a big job. To aid the cleaning all furniture was pulled away from the walls. Only two girls turned up - they worked very hard according to my brother but only two. Someone else turned up towards the end to inspect the work. They only stayed for a touch over four hours. We have today had to reclean the walls and ceiling for the painters to start work as there was a plethora of missed cobwebs, dust stuck to the wall where it appeared to have been wiped in. The bathroom didn’t look like it had been touched - thick limescale pooled at the back of the bath - I know this comes off as I’ve often cleaned it myself. There are still marks on much of the woodwork and doors which I cleaned today myself. At over £40 per hour per cleaner I would have expected so much more. My sister passed back feedback. Apparently so few cleaners turned up due to Covid 19 distancing - the house was more than big enough for many more cleaners to safely social distance - seems to me that the Covid 19 excuse is being used to overcharge and rip off. Apparently the boss checked the work herself before leaving and it was fine - I think a trip to Specsavers is in order. Do not used the Amersham branch - really disappointing, overpriced and certainly not what was promised in the quote."

KJ Bourne says

"Very expensive cleaning service - definitely overpriced. I cancelled the service and then they still took money out of my account. I emailed them asking them to rectify the situation. Their tone in the email was very non apologetic. I will not be using them again or recommending them to anyone in the future."

BC says

"Over inflated prices compared with other cleaning companies."

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